Our pledge

We will fight for you.

You’re under attack or someone has wronged you. We pledge to always have your back. Not just appear for you and then send a bill.

We’re competitive and proud. Look at our backgrounds: we’re high achievers. We know hard work and determination. We want to win. Sometimes we won’t. But you won’t ever wonder if our hearts are really in it.

We will be more than just advocates - we'll be your trusted counsel.

No one likes surprises, but legal disputes are notoriously unpredictable. We pledge to listen and work to learn what is important to you.

Sometimes that will mean battling, and sometimes that will mean settling on the best possible terms or even walking away. We pledge to give you sound, clear, practical advice so that you can anticipate what’s coming – and make the best decisions for you.

We will provide you with timely and informative bills.

We pledge never to use two – or three or four – attorneys on your matter when one is enough. And we won’t send bills months after the fact “for services rendered.”

You won’t have to wonder how we spend our time. We pledge to be transparent and detailed, and to do our best to satisfy you.

We will be honest and ethical.

This doesn’t need an explanation. But we want you to know that you can always depend on us to be truthful and to use our best judgment. We will advocate zealously for you.